Increasing Tablet Uptake in Education

The Washington Post has reported that American schools are expected to purchase 3.5 million Tablets this year. Overall spending on Tablets within the K-12 education sector is reported to have grown by 60% over the last year. According to Leslie Wilson of the One-to-One Institute, which advises school districts on one-to-one computing and chicago style paper format, schools are increasingly rethinking the way they structure their teaching and learning. Many schools for example are encouraging students to direct their own learning at their own level and pace. This has presented new challenges for schools however, particularly with regards to WiFi and broadband connectivity. Other challenges have included professional development and resistance from teachers, as well as concerns about what constitutes appropriate use of technology.

WiFi and broadband is one of the biggest challenges to effective use of educational technology for many schools. According to a survey by the American government, fewer than 20% of teachers feel their school’s internet connection meets their needs with half of all schools and libraries that apply for additional funding having slower connectivity than the average household despite having on average 200 as many users. Another report found that children from rural areas struggle to access learning materials online. One in five parents said they could not access the necessary learning materials for their child due to lack of internet connection.


Guidelines for Parents

The youth mental health charity has issued guidelines for parents on how to help their children cope with the stress and anxiety associated with exam pressures. The guidelines have been created following calls from concerned parents of children who are exhibiting signs of anxiety and struggling to eat and sleep properly due to exam pressure. Parents are encouraged to learn more about the subjects and exams their child is revising for, to enforce regular breaks and a healthy diet, to find ways to relax and unwind and to plan a fun activity for their child once the exams are over.

A survey carried out for educational apps agency Apps in My Pocket found that 88% of parents who use educational apps at home with their children support the notion of primary schools and nurseries using Tablets to support learning. Parents of children with special needs were particularly positive about the use of Tablets to support their child’s learning. Read more here.


Teenagers Concerned About Online Privacy

A recent survey has suggested that American teenagers are concerned about online privacy when write email and send or data collection, more so than adults in their twenties and thirties. The report found that only 11% of teenagers said they shared ‘a lot of information’ about themselves online, which was a reduction of 7% from last year. This compared with 17% of 19-24 year olds and 27% of 25-34 year olds who said they shared a lot of information online. The report also found that an increasing number of teenagers were deleting their cookies and browser history and using apps and browsers that protect their privacy online.

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